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Psychological performance coaching for climbers, from a dual qualified Clinical Psychologist and Climbing Instructor.

We offer psychological skills teaching, advice and coaching to rock climbers who would like to develop their mental focus, overcome fears and anxieties, and improve their body awareness, visualisation skills and psychological tactics for climbing. We teach cognitive-behavioural techniques, mindfulness skills, relaxation and self hypnosis, as well as using graded exposure in a safe, supportive way to help you overcome your fear of falling.

Coaching can be for individuals or groups, and we also run a holistic, annual weekend workshop, combining movement coaching, psychological skills teaching, self rescue tuition, climbing-specific yoga, and overcoming fear of falling sessions.

Courses and Coaching

Private Coaching

Private courses are run on dates to suit you, either in North Wales or at a venue near you.  Coaching is specific and tailored to your needs through a pre and post course consultation process.


Open courses run on set dates through the year in Snowdonia.  Fun, friendly and sociable, they provide a good grounding in psychological and technical skills.


Psychology for Instructors Workshop - a practical introduction to coaching psychology aimed at climbing instructors of any level, working with adults or children, who want to improve their coaching skills.

If you have any questions or want to know more please see our FAQ page or contact us.



Mark Warwicker
Date: Jul 02, 2010

Rebecca You asked us to let you know how we get on with everything we learnt on the course. Despite work – stuck in Daventry for three weeks so far – the answer is: very well. In particular, as well as trying to almost relearn how to climb efficiently thanks to Lucy, I am a complete convert...